you are the key

to your everything 

and your everything is the key to you.

What lights you up? Key. What brings you down? Key. What erases time? Key. What fills your heart? Key. 

No one, I repeat, N-O O-N-E, holds the key to you. Not your mother or your lover. Not your best friend or your therapist. Not your priest, your priestess or your long-lost Aunt Penelope. 

You won't find your key on the brass ring. It's not hiding in a pile of books. It's not resting on the top of the ladder, nor is it dangling from a tree limb three feet above that blessed glass ceiling. 

Your key is exactly where it's been and precisely where it will always be: in the center of your heart.

You know there's something whispering gypsy in your ear. You also know, deep down, there's nothing wrong with that. 

You know there's something more meeting your eye. You know there's something gently brushing your skin. You know who's coming and, sometimes, who's going. You know your bones don't lie. You know your gut is worthy of your trust. You know there is so much more to you. In fact, you've always known that, even when you hoped you didn't. Especially, then.

You always know. You're engineered to know. 

Isn't that a relief? This thing you've been trying to hide and's part of who you are, by design. It's what makes you different and special and fully capable of allthatandthensome. THIS THING. 

Some people refer to this as an inner compass. Others call it clear knowing. I call it woo. THIS THING.  

It's intuition. 

THIS THING doesn't care what you call it. It only cares that you use it. 

Your intuition is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. The stronger it becomes, the easier it is to use it. Which is all good news because you are here to woo your world.  Wooing your world isn't rocket science, unless you happen to be a rocket scientist. 

This isn't about harnessing magic or being gifted (although experiencing the power of intuition does feel like a magical gift) it's about getting in touch with the flow of energy in and around you so that you make the most of your life. It's about honing your vision. Spreading your wings. Leaping into the unknown with courage and compassion and a very keen sense of your divine power.

You always have been. You always will be. You are love. You are trust. You are faith. You are connection. You are forgiving. You are kind. You are brilliant. You are awesome. You are centered. You are courage. You are promise. You are potential.

You are woo. It's time to own your power. Let me show you how.