to your becoming

to all the ways you discover the beauty of who you really are,

a soul full of fire and unbridled love.


 to your being

fully human, fully alive, fully lit from the inside out.



 to your divinity

the light within you

that makes the world a brighter place.


to your truth 

you are always becoming,

you are always becoming.


i am

a motherwifesisterdaughterconfidante,


Usui Ryoho Reiki Master,

certified SouLodge Earth Medicine shaman practitioner,

certified Open Heart Project meditation instructor,

intuitive intelligence specialist, woo warrior, love sherpa

who channels energy

into classes, practices and journeys

with daily devotion

because I know, from my own messy human experience,

when you anchor to your one, true self

you discover

all the good you can do

not just for yourself,

but also the world.

It starts with one simple word: