United States of Awareness

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And so. Here we are.

Exactly where we need to be.

Seeing each other.

Listening to each other.

AWARE of each other.

I am seeing many people saying many things and I can only offer this: there is a problem that needs to be addressed and it runs deep.

I am not afraid of it. In fact, there's a full-blown fire rising up that knows it's time and we are capable. I will fully admit to having a moment this morning, around 6:45 am, when I received a text from a fellow-lightworker who was seeking advice and (full disclosure) I thought: FUCK, why couldn't I have stuck with that advertising profession? That would have been so much easier than what I see before me now. And then I counseled myself to do what I know: look at my feet, feel the ground, take a deep breath and answer the fucking question. So that's what I did. And then I realized we are all going to be okay because we have to be. Because we are capable. Because we are strong. 

But here's what else I know: the gig is up.

I have many friends who voted for Trump and they are really lovely people. Like, really, really lovely people. And these really, really lovely people have felt so at odds with our current state of affairs that they reached for the only option they felt they had. I reached for the only option that I had, too, with Hillary. That is what makes this country a democracy. We should stop and count our blessings for that. Now we must look each other in the eye and truly see what need from each other and then we need to find a way to work together to meet it.

I have seen more angry celebrations than I'd like to count—people celebrating the win by continuing to spew derogatory remarks. I've seen more PTSD posts than I'd like to count—victims reliving their darkest day.

So this is my call for compassion. This is my call for an emergency brake. This is my call for all of us to find a tiny little piece of solid ground where we can stand for a second and remember what matters most— united states of awareness, for maybe the first time EVER in the history of our country. That can only start with you. And me. And us.

People. Need. Help. You're either going to be the one to give it or the one to receive it. Ask for what you need. Give what you can.

End of story.

Beginning of everything.


You and your inconceivable potential


I bent down to pick up this feather and in that second I realized that whenever anything is lost, it is also found. 

You are always the loser and the finder.

When you lose something, you find space. When you find something, you lose space.

And so the question isn't what have you lost or what have you found, but what now occupies your Space? 

Space is, by its very nature, Empty. 

It would be easy to say that losing something creates emptiness and finding something fills emptiness, but that is not True. Losing something can create fullness and finding something can create a vast and seemingly endless void. 

So, it's never really the thing that you've lost or found, it's your attachment to it and by that I mean the permission you grant that person, place or thing to affect the way you Feel.  

This whole human existence thing we're doing? It is all about the Feels. 

You want to feel alive. You want to feel full. You want to feel joy. You want to feel peace. 

No one ever says, I want to feel grief. I want to experience the depth of hostility. I want to know heart-thumping fear. 

And when those less desirable feelings inevitably arise in your living, breathing, feeling humanness, you respond by grasping for a Space that feels, well, better. 

That is a very good plan. 

When you shift your attention to what feels better you most certainly are guaranteed to find it as soon as you are willing to let go of the attachment that you have to the thing that made you feel (or is making you feel) worse. 

Oh, yes, that's a huge caveat, you MUST let go of the attachment. Even though your Mind is telling you that it's good for you. In fact, when your Mind starts that I-swear-this-is-good-for-you-pinky-promise-bullshit that is a clear indication that it is time to let go. Even the most desperate Heart holds its shit together and waits for you with Dignity intact.

When those less desirable feelings arise, they are a crystal-clear indication that you are attached to something that is not serving you. It can be a person, place, thing, belief or notion. And so the first question to ask yourself is why is this attachment making me feel this way? Why am I allowing it to occupy my space? What do I need to lose to find better Space? How can I rest easy with Space that is Empty (meaning, free of attachments)? 

The Space is the Gift. Empty is the goal. Because only when you are Empty, will you realize how Full the Space always is. There is no longing there. There is no grasping. There is nothing other than the Space of inconceivable potential. And it's all yours. 

What is one attachment you can release today to create more space in your life right now?