I'm not one to sprinkle fairy dust around, I prefer to use my laser-beamy skills as a medium and energy practitioner to help you find the relief, clarity, trust, healing, connection and juju you need to walk your walk every waking minute. The second you say YES and agree to open your heart and embrace whatever work needs to be done that's the place where you begin to woo your world.

Tracey is truly a gift. What is most amazing is her ability to help others work through their issues, so they can realize their true gifts. Prior to working with Tracey, I had worked with a psychologist to learn how to cope with the emotional issues spanning my career, marriage and family. I made great progress and thought I was as clear and content as I could ever hope to be. But there is a world of difference between coping / managing emotional challenges vs. actually working-through and healing them. The difference is profound, liberating, and empowering. Tracey’s guidance and self-evaluation strategies helped me shed my emotional defenses so that I can see the issues for myself, and ultimately heal the pain points once and for all. How do you put a price on that?
— Ann
I’ve found my joy again.
— Dana Reeves
Tracey showed me how important it is to live in today. She helped me work through some inner fears to get to a much better place personally, as well as spiritually. She was so incredibly comforting during a difficult time in my life when I was seeking answers I couldn’t find on my own. I’m super grateful to her, and look forward to every insightful experience!
— Laura Mattes
This was a wonderful, eye-opening, inspiring experience. Absolutely astonishing.
— Kaili