Cup Of Joy :: when you're thirsty for guidance


Cup Of Joy :: when you're thirsty for guidance

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Ever enjoy a heavenly cup of coffee or tea?  This is sorta like that, only better. 

Cups of Joy are intuitive readings filled with love and insight to help you make the most of your moments. Whether you need help analyzing a certain situation or just need to juice up your soul, a cup of joy delivers just the right dose of love and light. 

Please note: Your reading is delivered as a PDF via email within 48-72 hours (depending upon the number ordered). Cups purchased on Friday are delivered the following week. If you would like to focus your guidance on a particular situation please share the skinny when prompted. But here's the funny thing, you don't need to share a thing if you don't want to. The Universe will send through exactly what you need.

Drink up. 

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Wondering what's in a cup?

One cup :: $44

One question asked and answered. 

Five Cups :: $88

Two to five questions regarding one situation. Your answers are thoughtfully served up taking all factors into account to help you better understand a situation or event. 

Thirteen Cups :: $188

One cup of joy for each month of the upcoming year, starting from the month you purchase (plus an extra cup just for good luck), offering a bit of wisdom to help you proceed with confidence and clarity (what a lovely birthday gift this makes for yourself or a friend). You receive all 13 cups at once, giving you a bird's eye view of the year ahead. Pure joy. 

The cups that Tracey gave me were just magical. She truly tapped into the areas where I’m struggling and brought me much-needed clarity. Tracey has such a wonderful gift!
— Marci Foster, Love Will Always Find You
Tracey...September began with your beautiful reading for me, which has uplifted me all month. On this the last day of September, I just wanted to say, thank you so, very, very much! What a gift it has been to receive your reading. A beautiful, beautiful gift. It just had to be said!
— Anonymous
This experience lifted me lending support, guidance and hope. Tracey’s intuitive gift is amazing and will leave you speechless and in a state of Divine bliss with your own life.
— Jennifer Ciarimboli
Tracey is a gift to my life, guiding me through her readings, and providing soul cleanse. Both so insightful, and full of divine guidance. Her wisdom is a gift from the universe I will forever be grateful! I encourage anyone looking for that “spark” to light your way to your true self to work with Tracey, it will forever change your life!
— Christi Tedeschi
This was a wonderful, eye-opening, inspiring experience. Absolutely astonishing.
— Kaili