Field Trip 2016 :: when you want to step into your woo

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Field Trip 2016 :: when you want to step into your woo


You are so much more than just a package of skin and bones.  

You are a gorgeously bright field of energy. Gorgeously bright. And this field of energy that is you? Well, it is full of wonder and surprise, magic and deep wisdom. 

It's true. 

The Field Trip is a 12-month guided journey in, through, around and then beyond your energy field. You start from where you are and you lead yourself back to the center of your soul, fully connected and empowered to embrace your divinity. 

Along the way you are re-introduced to your intuitive strengths, soul-whispering truths and muscle-popping moxie. You come to learn, once and for all, that intuition is a muscle that you can develop or you can ignore. When you choose to develop it you connect with a source of power within you that never leads you astray. When you choose to ignore it you continue to believe that source power is outside of yourself, which is both a sad and exhausting way to move through life. 

You are wired to experience more

More love. More connection. More trust. More faith.  

The Field Trip is a semi-private mentorship program for those who are ready to develop their intuition to a higher level. This space offers a safe place to learn, experience, develop, strengthen and play (yes, play) with your intuition in a way that's grounded in love and purpose, safety and support, freedom and focus. That's because it's personalized for you. 

Are you ready to discover your intuitive strengths, tap into your long-lost desires and wake up to the promise within you? 

Your investment in yourself is $1332. There are three payment options available to secure your place for the 2016 Field Trip. Please read the full itinerary below. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Of course, if you know that you want to sign up, you can just click right through today. 


The journey begins Friday, May 6, 2016.

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I want to secure my seat today*

When I first discovered that I was intuitive I found myself searching for two things: answers and teachers. There was so much to understand and learn yet trusting the sources of information and support was daunting and frustrating, at best. The Field Trip is the experience I longed for, but couldn't find. I followed the gentle nudges I was receiving from the Universe and created this circle from a place of respect and love for the sacred nature of your self-discovery so that it could be embraced and honored, every step of the way. 

I’m delighted to tell you that on May 6, 2016 the Field Trip will take it's third trip around the sun. 

As the start date nears you will receive an invitation to join our private, online campground. This is a password-protected space shared by you, those journeying with you and Field Trip alumni interested in circling again (alumni are invited back for free because the lessons and conversations change, this is a very big perk). 

There are three jam-packed, but completely time-manageable learning modules, all of which stand on their own and are also intricately woven together to offer you: 

  • a thorough understanding of your clairs and energetic anatomy along with the Universal energy field
  • sacred practices including energy clearing, automatic writing, card reading, channeling and energy healing 
  • a closer relationship your guides and spirit support team and nature 
  • the basis for bringing love, trust, faith, forgiveness and compassion into your life and practice
  • the ability to heal yourself and others

You'll receive lessons and field work during each module, along with priceless, open-mic Q&A calls every month (the calls are recorded in case you can't attend), peer-to-peer support and compassionate support from me throughout our 365 days together. The calls continue even during breaks between the modules. 

Route One :: May - July

Understanding energy

Stretching your clairs (aka intuitive muscles)

Clearing energy fields 

Route Two :: September - November

Meeting your spirit guides

Channeling through automatic writing

Reading cards for guidance

Route Three :: January - March

Understanding your chakras

Listening to your body

Usui Reiki Master Certification (for those who complete the work and apply for certification).

We take a learning break in between the modules so that you can process the information, incorporate it into a practice and enjoy the specific seasons of the year (Summer, Winter/holiday, Spring). Experience has taught me that you (and I) need to be free to roam during those months. 

Life is full of perks, so it's fitting that the Field Trip is, too. In addition to circling (in virtual and actual reality) with a group of like-minded amazing humans committed to co-creating a community where loving-kindness lights the way so everyone can expand and grow you'll receive:

  • one, FREE 60 minute one-on-one phone consultation with me during the first month of the journey, along with one FREE live or distance Reiki session to be redeemed anytime during the year
  • surprises in the mail (I can't spoil them here)
  • a 20% discount on products and services while you are enrolled in the journey and upon completion of it (for life)
  • early bird access to offerings 
  • a secret facebook group where you can sit back and relax with your fellow trippers (and no, you don't need to join this group if you don't want to)
  • pure loving support, every step of the way

There are three ways to invest in yourself


1 payment of $1200*

(um, that's $3.28 a day for a year, less than a cup of coffee and even the best cup of coffee isn't life-changing)

 Enjoy a savings of $132!

3 payments of $444

(yea, $3.64 a day for a year, you can't even touch a good bar of chocolate for that price)

Total price for this option is $1332

12 payments of $111

(I'm certain that this is the only soul nourishing thing you can do for $3.64 a day for a year)

Total price for this option is $1332

There is one full scholarship available. Click to learn more. 

I felt called to join the Field Trip, but couldn’t explain why. Now I know without a doubt that it was the right decision, and why I was drawn to it so strongly. Tracey’s gentle guidance and the lessons helped me recognize the power of my own intuition, and to learn to trust it. I now have new, deep friendships and knowledge that has opened my eyes to possibilities in all aspects of my life. The support is amazing, and Tracey is the perfect guide for this Trip.
— Lisa Wood
365 days, 12 months, 4 quarters. This has been a defining time for me; evolution, revolution, perspective found, veil dropped, new friends found, countless gifts in this life, experiences, joy, tears, laughter, love, awareness, and so much more! A grand field trip I am thrilled I hopped on the bus. Best virtual trip ever!
— Suzie P
Tracey, what a gifted guide and teacher your are. There was So. Much. Love. Throughout every aspect of the experience - in every lesson, in every exchange, in all of your support. I will never forget Field Trip 2015, it has, and you have, deeply enriched my life. Thank you.
— JL
I wanted to thank you for all the time you have put into this amazing field trip. I know the hours you spent preparing the lessons, the videos, the conference calls, responding to questions and providing additional information and the retreat, far exceeds what we paid you.

It is interesting how when I mention I am taking an intuition class, some folks are right on board with the chakras etc.... and others ask for clarification. I guess I thought it would be about developing emotional intelligence... and was surprised where the learning trail took me... us... how much there is to know and how I will still be contemplating, practicing, and exploring all you have shared with us, probably the rest of my life.

Thank you for your generous spirit, for sharing with us this journey and opening my mind to a connection with another field.

Can’t wait to meet you in person.
— Laura Stevens
My time with Tracey and my fellow Field Trippers expanded my perspective on my place in the world and I learned things that I will carry with me forever. The bus was just the first step on a life-long spiritual journey that I’m so happy to be on. Tracey’s guidance, love and support are invaluable. A must-do for anyone who wants to get better in touch with the magic of the universe.
— Marci Foster
Field Trip is a sacred, safe, and loving space which allowed me to open up and awaken my intuitive skills. Throughout the trip, Tracey gives us the tools and techniques to remove our own blocks and start to realize who we are and what we are capable of. For me, it was a life changing experience, and for the first time, I am beginning to understand the possibilities and wonders that life and it’s experiences truly have to offer. The results were better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Tracey.
— Craig Allen
I loved being a part of this!
— Laura Mattes
I’m finding answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, all the while embraced by a supportive community and magical teacher.
— Paula
When I heard about the Field Trip, I was slightly hesitant to take the plunge. I wasn’t sure if it was for me or if I was ready. Eventually I realized it was exactly what I needed and I was as ready as I’d ever been. I now know, without a doubt, it was the best thing I could have done. I have grown spiritually in a way I never thought was possible. The guidance and support you’ll receive from Tracey is genuine and the sense of camaraderie that develops with the other students is amazing. You’ll know if your heart if it’s something for you. I absolutely know it is for me.
— Jill Marchakitus

what are my clairs? 

I see your clairs as your openings to the subtle energy around you. Your clairs are you intuitive muscles—clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), clairalience (smelling), claircognizance (knowing) and clairgustance (tasting). Believe it or not you are capable of experiencing, enhancing and embracing all of your clairs. This is covered in module one. 

who are my guides?

Your guides are spirits that assist you throughout your life. Some are with you from day one, others come and go as you travel along. There's a good chance you'll pick up a new guide or two for this trip. You will learn how to communicate with them daily. 

why so many sacred practices?

There are so many ways to beef up your intuitive muscles. You won't fall in love with every practice, but it will be good to see what practices speak to you deeply (that will happen). 

why 12-months?

Twelve months may seem like a long time, but it's really not. The only way to learn and integrate the different lessons is with the gift of time and experience. This journey is about finding ways to heighten your personal development and that's not anything that we can rush through. If you were only going to experiment with one practice, like Reiki, then the journey would be a fraction of the time, but this process is about finding a way to incorporate a number of practices into your life and there's simply no way to do that quickly.

what if I fall behind in the lessons?

Falling behind is impossible. Feeling like you're falling behind, though? That's inevitable. It's also a huge part of the learning during the course of the year—mastering the art of being present, of understanding that where you are ON YOUR OWN PATH is exactly where you're supposed to be and giving yourself permission to simply love the way you move through life. So even though you may feel like you're falling behind we'll work together to help you see that's never really the case (with anything).

how much time does each lesson take?

The lessons never take longer than thirty minutes to read, listen or watch. Your willingness to practice the field work is what matters most. You can experience heightened awareness by investing five minutes each day. It's really up to you. 

i'm intrigued and terrified, what's up with that?

Easy: you're intrigued because there is a part of your soul that longs for you to reconnect with it. You're terrified, because your mind knows that if your heart reconnects with said part, your mind will never allow it to controlyoureverywakingminute again. It's all a choice to lean in. My advice? Follow your heart. The terror will subside by day two of the journey, if not sooner. 

is this a 365-day-joyfest?

It can be, but no. Absolutely not. The more you open to your intuition, the more you begin to see what has been holding it back all these years. There is healing to be done. Healing means you will be shedding what no longer serves you. Sometimes that's easy work, sometimes it's not. It's important to know that your own willingness to move forward with a lighter step is the key to doing so. The beauty of the Field Trip is that you are full supported for 365 days by me, by the community and, most importantly, by the community of Spirit that you meet along the way. 

how would I know if this was not for me?

Let's see, you probably wouldn't be reading this question. You certainly would not have visited this page more than once. The Field Trip is not for you if you don't believe. It is not for you if you can not hold yourself accountable for your life. It is not for you if you are hoping that I will fix your problems, change your family, adjust your career (I can not). It is not for you if you are not willing to lean toward trust. It is not for you if you think I'm crazy. It is not for you if you think spiritual people are crazy.

Otherwise, it's for you. 

can I receive a refund if this is not for me?

You can not. Your investment in Field Trip is non-refundable. Please be certain that this is for you before you join. The number of participants is kept purposely low so that I can offer everyone equal amounts of love and attention 365 days. If you have questions or would like to talk a bit, please just contact me

1 payment of $1200*

 Enjoy a savings of $132!

3 payments of $444

Total price for this option is $1332

12 payments of $111

Total price for this option is $1332